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Young driver car insurance quotes

Most of them always think comparing insurance should be made easy and simple. The platform is set for the people in UK to find cheap car insurance quotes for young drivers.

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Young Driver Insurance – Competitive and Comprehensive Cover

Young driver insurance is a well-known headache for both the new driver and potentially the Bank of Mum & Dad. There are many horror stories about young driver insurance policies and the astronomical fees that are being charged by many insurance companies.

Choosing the best young driver insurance policy is not just a case of finding the cheapest. The insurance cover needs to be carefully selected to ensure that the driver is covered for all of their driving requirements.

Why is Young Driver Insurance So Expensive?

There are tens of thousands of young drivers every year that apply for insurance policies for cars and motorbikes and are as safe and careful on the roads as any seasoned and experienced driver. There is, of course an increased risk that new younger drivers carry and this higher risk is manifested in an increase in their car insurance premium.

  • Young drivers have minimal experience which makes them a higher risk to insure
  • Yong drivers do not (in most instances) have the maturity of experienced older drivers
  • Young drivers are deemed more likely to be involved in faster driving
  • Young drivers are generally a little more reckless with their driving style

Shop Around and Compare Young Driver Insurance

Most young drivers when first searching a new insurance policy will look for the very cheapest insurance, along with the opportunity to pay monthly, as the premiums are usually so high. But shopping around for young drivers insurance cover will reveal a myriad of policies that offer different levels of cover.

The cost of the insurance policy is, of course very important but the young driver has to be certain that he or she has the adequate insurance cover. Is the vehicle or bike to be used for travelling to and from work for example, or actually be used at work? Will the driver want any continental driving cover also?

Take care to compare not just prices of young driver insurance but also the levels of cover on offer.

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How To Decrease Young Driver Insurance Premiums

When a young driver first passes their driving test they have few options when looking for young driver car and bike insurance. They can opt to have a ‘black box’ fitted by their insurance company which monitors driving style.

This includes hard braking and acceleration. Over a period of time the insurance company builds up a record of driving style which will be considered when the insurance policy is renewed.

The only other option for a young driver when trying to reduce their insurance premium is to be as careful as possible for the first 12 months of their driving and ensure that after the first year they achieve a first year no claims discount. Once they have demonstrated responsibility and a good driving record the insurance premium will tumble year on year.